Quick Answer: Is Hong Kong Tourist Friendly?

Is tourism affected in Hong Kong?

The number of tourists visiting Hong Kong tumbled in August as anti-government protests gripped the city, in a sign of the mounting economic cost of the unrest.

In a blog post, Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan said visitor numbers fell almost 40% from last year..

Where should I go in Hong Kong now?

17 things to do in Hong Kong that are off the beaten trackVisit Sham Shui Po. … Go on a sunset cruise on the Aqua Luna. … Head up to Victoria Peak gardens. … Walk around Lugard Road. … Check out all the street art in Soho and Wan Chai. … Take a ferry to Cheung Chau Island. … Explore PMQ. … Walk around Tai Kwun.More items…

What is the best time to visit Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is the kind of city that you can visit any time of the year and still have a wonderful trip with some fantastic memories. The best time to visit Hong Kong is March to April and October to November. Summers are generally hot and humid, while winters are cool and dry.

What is the best month to go to Hong Kong Disneyland?

Best Time to Visit Hong Kong Disneyland: The best time for a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland, is when the weather is relatively dry and temperatures are comfortable, usually between November and April.

What should you not wear in Hong Kong?

UAE citizens were also instructed not to wear black or white clothes in Hong Kong. Black has become the signature colour of the Chinese territory’s protest movement. Men in white shirts have been blamed for mob attacks against the protesters.

Is it dangerous to travel to Hong Kong?

Crime. The level of violent crime is very low but pick pocketing and other street crime can occur. You should take extra care of passports, credit cards and money in crowded areas and when checking in and out of hotels.

Is Hong Kong Safe 2020?

Hong Kong is still safe. As long as you stay away from the protest frontlines, and you may want to bring your bicycle to be able to get around, as transport services are not at their normal levels. Situation for Feb 2020 we’ll know in 2-3 months from now.

Is it safe to travel to Hong Kong during protests?

As long as people avoid those venues, Hong Kong as a whole is still typically safe.” Experts do caution that travel insurance providers may not cover losses incurred as a result of the protests, so if you do go, check those details in your insurance policy carefully. Some also advise suspending leisure travel.

Are cruise lines still going to Hong Kong?

Celebrity Cruises has canceled all China and Hong Kong sailings through mid-February. Guests on canceled cruises will also receive full refunds. … Regardless of nationality, boarding will be denied to any individual who has traveled from, to or through mainland China or Hong Kong in the past 15 days.

Is it OK to wear black in Hong Kong?

If you’re cautious, avoid either all black or all white shirts.

Is it safe to visit Hong Kong as a tourist?

Reconsider travel to the People’s Republic of China (PRC), including the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), due to arbitrary enforcement of local laws. Exercise increased caution in the Hong Kong SAR due to COVID-19. Read the Department of State’s COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel.